[FREE]Certified Network Marketer (Network Marketing & MLM Mastery)
[FREE]Certified Network Marketer (Network Marketing & MLM Mastery)

Network marketing is one of the world business models that are yet misunderstood today. The best thing about network marketing is that anyone gets the opportunity to start without knowledge, any experience or education. Most people take this opportunity for granted, and they hope to get rich quick without working hard for it.
While you can easily join any MLM company without any prior knowledge or skills, you need to quickly catch up with self-education in order to succeed.The top earners in today’s network marketing world will also be the top students. There are no network marketing degrees offered by business schools, and it’s not easy to find a source to educate yourself as a network marketer.
In an effort a team established IDSEI: the very first International Direct Selling Institute, and of international network marketing specialists got together in the US. IDSEI has developed the first professional certificate program known as: Certified Network Marketer (CNM), with the passion to empower network marketers and direct sellers, by providing them the knowledge and self-confidence they need to be successful. The application of IDSEI has educated and certified so far over 20,000 people, using platforms.
The CNM class delivers a wealth of knowledge condensed and split to 12 lectures. Taking you this course unveils the secrets. It’s advisable that you watch the videos to maximize the learning results.
From the conclusion of this course you’ll be well prepared to kick start or boost your direct selling business. You might also sit during the official Certified Network Marketer certification examination and get your official digital certificate from IDSEI, by exposing your Udemy Certificate of Completion to info@idsei.com, upon passing the examination.
THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE WITH FRENCH, RUSSIAN & ARABIC SUBTITLES (contact info@idsei.com to avail this Choice )
Special Offer for Teams: We highly recommend you and your staff to join the program, receive the formal education, and all get certified. This will help your team to:
  • speak the same language and support each other better
  • save hours in ad hoc training sessions, and
  • become professionally recognized.
That’s why we offer group discounts to teams. Please contact info@idsei.com today and inquire about CNM team packs.

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