Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners
Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

Description :

This class teaches you the basics of any programming language, together with Python 3.6 and Anaconda 5.0.0 with Jupyter Notebook!
The program is acceptable for those are completely new to Illustrator, or are arriving from a different programming language (R, JavaScript, etc) and so are eager to find a good grasp of using Python.
You will learn from this course :
  • Installing Jupyter Notebook IDE
  • Together with of the Very Important Characteristics of Jupyter Notebook
  • Factors and Contrast operators
  • Strings, slicing and formatting
  • Lists, Dictionaries and Tuples
  • Control flow (if, elif, else)
  • Advanced for loops and while loopsList
  • Understanding Functions and built-in Roles
  • Random module
  • Lambda expressions
  • Managing errors
  • Working with text Documents
There are a total of seven exercises with mind teasing tasks involving segments 3 to 8, together with solutions supplied in pdf format and in the two cooperation.
This class is going to be upgraded this past month (12/2017) with additional content.
That is a taster of numerous up and coming classes I have in Python in the pipeline, but also!
P.S. I’d enjoy a 5 star review for this free class as that would help me out a lot to create to additional content. If you give a inspection that is very low, please do so after finishing at least 50% of this program.

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