Python Hand-on Solve 200 Problems
Python Hand-on Solve 200 Problems

Description :

Great atmosphere for educating Python programming language.Have 3 key words to learn programming in almost any language are: clinic, practice and clinic !!! . Coding is a skill, you’ll be better once you do it more and more.
This training course is the most exhaustive selection of alternative and python exercise.
It will Supply you and comprises over 200 coding difficulty
This course cover :
  • Fundamental
    • basic
    • condition and loop
    • list 
    • string 
    • dictionary 
    • file 
    • class 
    • math 
    • date time 
    • regex
  • Algorithm
    • sort
    • search
    • recursion
  • Data Analysis
    • numpy
    • pandas
After this program that is finish , sure you will more confident with you Python job and ability interview.
Take this program, start boot your Python coding ability!!! .

This course is for :

  • Who want to boot up Python Ability to next Degree
  • Who like a complete practical environment for Python
  • Who want to dig more with Significant Subject: algorithm, data Evaluation

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