Learn Android Wear Programming
Learn Android Wear Programming

Description :
SchoolSteps(.in) is a team of Seven professionals Using a Typical experience of 12+ years. Our core strength is Java/J2EE, Web and Android Programming because the API has been released and we have been doing rigorous R&D in Android Wear Programming. By means of this serieswe thought of sharing our knowledge with you.
The series contains 6hours of video tutorials with maximum focus on programming. The series do concentrate to produce the base for you to learn use programming.
The show begins your learning journey with all the basics like what is android wear, design principles, android SDK setup, together with android studio etc and then moves to the intriguing theories like creating notifications for android wear, including page to a notification, voice input for alarms and telling stacking etc..
It takes you to world of Custom UIs, in which you learn to create confirmations etc, layouts, cards, listing, 2D pickers for the Android Wear.
The prerequisite for this program is to have basic to knowledge of Java/J2EE. Knowledge of Android programming is good to have.
Last but not the leastyou may experience a LIVE EXAMPLE, with Google Play Store.
Finally , it takes you through the innovative concepts where you learn how to send and receive messages, sync information items, moving resources, designing android wear faces etc..
This course is for :
  • Software Developer / Programmers using fundamental to understanding of Android Programming / Java Programming should combine this Program
  • Fundamentals of Application Development
Requirements :
  • Basic to knowledge Java programming is required to join this class on Android Wear Programming.
What you will learn :
  • Students will be able to create and conduct Android wear applications
  • Students will learn about Android use, UI patterns and Design Basics etc
  • Students will Have the Ability to run wear apps on Android Studio and Eclipse IDE
  • Students will be able to program notifications which are compatible with wearables, voice input for notifications, activity on voice inputs add a notification etc and page
  • Students will be able to program Custom UIs as producing layouts, cards, lists, 2d pickers, confirmations etc..
  • Students Will Have the Ability to app: receive and send messages, sync data items, transferring resources etc
  • Students will be able to draw on the Android Wear Faces
  • Students will Have the Ability to package the Android Wear Apps

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