Light Painting In 360 With The Ricoh Theta S
Light Painting In 360 With The Ricoh Theta S

Description :
So you’ve bought the Ricoh Theta S camera and want to take your 360 photography skills to the next level. With 360 gaining popularity it’s vital in the event that you want your job stand out from the crowd to broaden your skillset that is creative.
As someone lucky enough to possess one of the top Instagram accounts at the 360 niche, I could tell you my success was no coincidence. The reason I got into the top was because I observed what the hottest photo styles took notice of what individuals responded to the very best, and were over time. My Instagram pictures ever were mostly light paintings, and the extra attention they attracted me, helped me get discovered as a name from the photography world.
Within this brand-new class by LIFE at 360, I am going to teach you EVERYTHING I understand about painting, since I embark on a few of the networking campaigns that are social. The result became one of the images and you will help through each step. You have seen our 360 tutorials and we carry it to the level for our Theta S customers. From the conclusion of the program, you’ll have a understanding of 360 painting, followed with all the abilities and know-how essential to execute the graphics that are stunning with your camera.
Requirements :
  • You’ll Need to Get a Ricoh Theta S camera
  • Have a basic Comprehension of the Way 360 photography Functions
What you will learn from this course :
Create amazing 360 light paintings that will Stick out from the crowd of Traditional 360 photos

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