Livecode : One code to rule them all
Livecode : One code to rule them all

Description :
Can you ever feel it would be possible to learn just one programming language? And to use it to make programs for all the leading operating systems and every operating system? Well, that speech exists, and you’ll be amazed to find out that you can already understand it if it is possible to speak English.
Welcome to Livecode :
Really Livecode Isn’t Only a programming language; it Is a complete Surroundings Which Can Be used to develop Programs for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.
Its programming language differs from many of today’s programming languages because it has been designed to be somewhat much like human terminology . You probably know the majority of its syntax since it is virtually identical to the English terminology: invent and find something new when we have our own human and natural language?
This introductory course will explain how to download the free version (yes, it’s free, if you don’t want to compile and lock up your code !) And use it to create your first entire stack.
After that you will create your own replica of this flappy bird match in less than the length of a footbal game and deploy it on Mac, Windows and iOS systems.
This course is for :
  • Anybody who would like to approach programming
  • For the First-time Programmers with Fundamental experience that want to Find out a tool that Can build apps for all of today’s leading platforms
  • Experienced programmers who need a tool to increase their productivity

Requirements :

  • A personal computer with Mac OS, Windows or Linux installed
  • A Mac is Required if You Would like to create apps for iOS
What you will get from this course :
  • Learning the basics of This Livecode programming environment
  • Download and install a free version of Livecode
  • Understand How to Make Piles
  • Create a Replica of This flappy bird game (all artwork Documents are Supplied)
  • Learn how to Set up and test your apps on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android

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