Secrets of Magazine Model Photography
Secrets of Magazine Model Photography

Description :
Acclaimed photographer Jason Cole takes you on a trip to the world of this Professional Glamour & Magazine Photographer.
Jason Cole has photographed models for some of the biggest and most popular Glamour Magazines in Australia and the world. Jason now brings his extensive experience to this instructional course highlighting professional techniques, equipment and location considerations never before captured in a course like this.
This course comprises over 2 hrs of behind-the-scenes live movie… showing you every aspect of photographing models so that you may construct a portfolio or market your work to magazines.
This course is not you have seen. It is definitely not just a bunch of PowerPoint slides with bullet points and a voice over!
All the classes are shot live… directly on location with actual versions using multiple camera angles and a full production team.
It is like being right there in the photo shoot, looking over Jason’s shoulder as he shows precisely the way to attain the photographic outcome that publishers need for their own magazines.
This is the ticket to see the suggestions and methods that only business insiders would see… allowing you to progress from taking your standard average photos… to photographs which are in need and may be marketed to magazine publishers all over the world.
Utilize the wisdom in this class to begin making money with your fire … whilst having fun at precisely the exact same moment.
In this course the following topics are covered :
  • Equipment that professional photographers use and why they use it.
  • Shoot #1: Theme shoot based in a workshop garage.
  • Take #2: Beach scene using unpleasant bright sunshine.
  • Take #3: Beach scene with muddy lighting.
  • Shoot #4: Fashion studio shoot.
  • Tips about shooting models from his vast experience in this field.
This class was six months in the making, using skilled lighting with some of Australia’s hottest models.
Creative multi-angle videography and magazine quality photography makes this a must possess informational and visual feast.
From this course you will learn how to :
  • Prepare your Version for the photo shoot.
  • Correct use of primary lighting, rim lighting and the way to use a scrim.
  • Coloring wallpapers and isolating your model.
  • Use a light meter to place your studio light for perfect results.
  • How to shoot at a DPS (Double Page Spread).
  • Exposing for a rich vibrant sky.
  • Posing your controlling and model squinting in bright sunlight.
  • Prevent any issues when shooting versions under 18 decades old.
  • And a lot more info from photography pros so that you can attain images that you never thought were possible!
Interactive Online Help
Jason Cole along with the Staff Learn Photography HQ are here to Reply All of Your photography questions. We would like you to be a success in your profession as a professional model photographer.
Whether or not you’re only beginning and producing your very first glamour portfolio, or if you’re an experienced professional, we’re here in order to answer any questions that you might have in a timely fashion .
Having access to a group of professional photographers is valuable whilst you learn and perfect your craft.
Meet your Course Instructor
As a visual artist, it has always been my passion to generate a course similar to this. One of my goals are now able to be ticked off my list. This creation was six months at the filming and more than twelve months at the preparation with manufacturing group and an entire design. Effort was placed into making this program is the very best of its type. I hope you enjoy seeing this class.
Kind regards,
Jason Cole
This course is for :
  • Pupils with a basic knowledge of photography
  • Photographers Looking to get Printed
  • Photographers Who have Tried to get Printed in a magazine before and have been Ineffective
Requirements :
  • Your camera
  • A Fundamental knowledge of photography
  • Willingness to try new Methods to Attain Incredible results
What you’ll learn from this course :
  • Learn how to photograph a model for a Magazine publisher
  • Find out the secrets behind photographing a scene – ready for print
  • Interacting and communicating with the versions
  • Gear the Expert photographers use
  • Portable Studio Lighting (vibrant punchy colours) clarified
  • Establishing a single page and a DPS (Dual Page Spread) for print
  • Theme based photography – Styling your version to get the scene

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